For mothers who are feeling a little bit (or a lot) burned out and lost.

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Find more meaning in motherhood

by finding more confidence in yourself.

The Self-Assured Motherhood program is a 9-month course for women who are ready to stop second-guessing themselves and to start bringing the best of themselves to their motherhood.

It can feel overwhelming…

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Running through 3 carpool lines before 8 a.m. while trying to get to work on time.

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Finding a community of moms you can talk to to find solutions, not judgment or gossip.

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Knowing which battles are worth fighting with your kids and which you should just let go.

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Calming a child's tantrum, only to have your own tantrum a few hours later.

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Squeezing in time for self-care. What does that even mean anyway?

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Navigating your child's new diagnosis while managing your own physical and mental health needs.

The list could go on!

You know you love your kids, but motherhood?

It can sometimes feel like a grind.

Between bedtime battles, never-ending laundry, and the crushing weight of the mental load, you sometimes feel like Princess Anna from Frozen, wanting to scream into the void...

"I can't live like this anymore!"


You're not crazy for feeling this way.

You're not crazy, and you're not alone, and you're not stuck.

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Over the past five years, I've interviewed almost 300 experts on parenting and self-development.  

All along the way, I've been asking myself, “What are the common threads between these experts' work? Are there core principles that could help any woman create a motherhood experience that fills her with daily joy?”

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After years of work, I have distilled the best of what I've learned into a 9-part framework to help any woman create a motherhood experience that lights her up, instead of drags her down.

The framework is based on 3 Key Pillars



Do you know what you like, want, need, and value? Are you your own closest friend?


Do you care for yourself as thoughtfully as you care for everyone else in your family?


Do you bring the best of yourself to your relationships? Do you respect the mother/friend/partner that you are?


mom of two miracles and host of the podcast 3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms.

Before I became a mom, I was a high school English teacher. I loved it and knew in my gut that I was very good at it. But I happily gave up my career when my children finally arrived through adoption and IVF because I expected to love every minute of being with them.

Turns out that motherhood was much harder than I expected, and I was devastated to find myself feeling completely lost and unseen in my new role.

I knew that I fiercely loved my children… so why wasn't I loving motherhood more?

I went to years of therapy to rediscover who I am and how I can bring the best of myself into my daily life as a mother, and I started my podcast to share what I was learning. There are now tens of thousands of moms listening to my show around the world.

It is my mission to...

Help every woman know that she deserves to feel deeply fulfilled in every stage of her motherhood. And it's possible!

Yes, for you too! You can feel joy and confidence in your motherhood every day, and I would love to show you how.



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A 9-month comprehensive program for busy moms who are feeling overwhelmed but also underwhelmed by motherhood and want to find their joy again.

This is a guided course with weekly classes (taught live on Zoom and replayed on a private podcast feed).

Why do women sign up for this program?

Hear from our alumni


 I was really really lonely...I took the masterclass and started to understand that things could be different–things could be better–and that there was a community of moms out there that were a lot like me. I saw the SAM program as an opportunity to not feel so alone.

Tiffany W

I think emotionally I had been seeking renewal in my excitement about motherhood. My fourth baby was incredibly hard, and it happened during was just a hard postpartum. I wanted some of the magic back.

Addie W


I debated doing the class a little bit because I felt like I was in an okay spot. But I loved the idea of becoming a self-assured mother…I would second guess myself a lot. I often felt like I had to call someone, like my mom or my sister, to tell me what to do...

Valerie B

I was at a time where I was feeling very disconnected from being a mom. It just felt like one of those endless to-do task lists of like change a diaper, feed the kids, do the laundry, read a book, play with them...everything was a task.

Kristelle L


What Makes This Program Special?


Comprehensive Curriculum

The SAM program is unlike any other parenting course on the market because it is a cumulative curriculum that builds month after month. Each unit complements the next, guiding you along a structured path towards more fulfillment in your motherhood.


Meaningful Community

In order to make big changes in your life, you need to be lifted up by women who believe in you AND who are on the same path as you. Our online community of "SAM Sisters" will be a lifeline of support and friendship, as we all learn from each other.



When you set aside time and space for your personal development, you will feel an entirely new level of accountability for making real changes in your life. Together, we will set goals that we will track and discuss as a group. No guilt, only support.

How will your life look different 9 months from today?


You will go through your days feeling more confident and clear, as you make decisions based on your values not your "shoulds."

You will delight more fully in your children, focusing on the "flecks of gold" you see in them.

You will be part of a trusted community of friends who support you and brainstorm with you when times are tough.

Your life will feel intentional and joyful, instead of chaotic and draining.


Each month, we will dive into one aspect of self-assured motherhood and create a concrete action plan for how YOU can implement it into your life.

You will attend weekly classes live on Zoom or listen to the replays via a private podcast feed in the midst of your busy mom-life.

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Month One:

Voice Your Values

You'll learn how to…

Define your 3-5 governing values.

Use those values as a lens to make decisions for your family.

Navigate conversations with family members who value something different from you.

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Month Two:

Celebrate Your Strengths

You'll learn how to…

Uncover five of your top strengths.

Make peace with your "weaknesses" (we all have them and that's okay).

Strategize how to creatively utilize your strengths in your current season.

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Month Three:

Study Your Story

You'll learn how to…

Reflect on your past with curiosity and compassion.

Define the ways that your childhood might be impacting your present & decide how to move forward.

Create an empowering and exciting vision for your future.

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Month Four:


You'll learn how to…

Assess your current boundary-making style.

Define the specific boundaries you need within key relationships in your life in order to thrive.

Communicate your boundaries with love and respect.

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Month Five:

Sanctify Your Soul-Care

You'll learn how to…

Decipher which soul-care activities are most vital for you.

Inventory your time to create space for soul-care.

Create simple routines around your physical and emotional care.


Month Six:

Pursue Your Purpose

You'll learn how to…

Reflect on your "life turns" to uncover the purpose that's always been with you.

Brainstorm creative ways to utilize that purpose within your current phase of motherhood.

Create a concrete plan to bring more fulfillment to your daily life.

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Month Seven:

Gather the Good

You'll learn how to…

Energize desirable behaviors in your home through strategic and research-based praise.

Focus on the positive within your children–and yourself!

Build a family culture of cooperation and mutual respect.


Month Eight:


You'll learn how to…

Become your child's trusted "emotion-coach."

Calm your triggers to avoid yelling and mom melt-downs.

Connect, correct, and redirect your children when they are misbehaving.

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Month Nine:

Support Their Struggles

You'll learn how to…

Quiet your own anxiety about your child's hard behaviors and personal challenges.

Create a strategic, step-by-step plan to address any struggle your child might face.

Access help from others who might be able to support you and your child.

What are the best parts of this program?

Hear from our alumni


My favorite thing about the SAM course definitely was the gentle accountability... I love listening to the [3 in 30] Podcast, but I'll listen to them driving and I won't sit down and do the three takeaways...This [program] is my chance to be able to dive deep and to reflect and listen to this and give it my all.

Taylor H

Everything in this course builds...The real power is in collectively doing each pillar, one by one...The self-awareness has really been life-changing for me. It feels like it's actually a lot easier now to apply all of the parenting strategies I've been collecting over the years.

Abby C


I really love that it was weekly. On the upfront it's like, 'Oh my gosh, a weekly class, every week for nine months! That's just so much!' But just really being able to focus on personal growth once a week for nine months was a long enough time to really feel like I made some changes.

Kristelle L

One of my favorite parts of the program was just the community of women...It was really hard to feel alone, like you often feel in motherhood where you're like, 'I'm the only one experiencing this' or 'my kids are the only ones doing this.'

Celeste N


I never felt like my time was wasted. The content is stellar. It is gold-star stellar...I am somebody who reads a lot, listens to a lot of podcasts, has taken some great courses, and some not-so-great ones. I was just constantly impressed cause I was like, 'That took me 20 books to learn and Rachel and Stacy explained that in 45 minutes!'

Annette M


Self-Evaluation Tool Kit

Motherhood doesn’t come with performance reviews, but this program will equip you with pre- and post-evaluations to help you quantify and visualize your progress, so your growth feels more tangible.

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A robust community site available on your computer or phone (and not on Facebook) where you can build relationships and engage with other smart, committed mothers who are taking the course.


Private Podcast

We know you are busy as a mom! That's why we provide you with a private podcast feed to make it easy to listen to call replays and bonus materials while you are on-the-go.

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Continued Access

One year of continued access to class recordings after the program ends, so you can catch up if you missed anything or review areas where you are still struggling!

What's Included:

9 month SAM curriculum (Value $1,499)

27 Live Classes (Oct '23 - June '24)

9 Small-Group Breakout Sessions 

148 Page Comprehensive Written Workbook

BONUS #1: Self-Evaluation Tool Kit (Value $99)

BONUS #2: Private Community (Value $199)

BONUS #3: Private Podcast Feed (Value $99)

BONUS #4: One year of continued access to recorded classes after the program ends (Value $499)

Total Value: $2,395

Your Investment: $1199

Get Started Today for just $149 per month

Pay in Full and get one month free!

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How will your life change as a result of the program?

Hear from our alumni

I love the quote that you actually gifted us from this course. It says, 'That which we persist in doing becomes easier to do. Not that the nature of the thing has changed, but that our power to do has increased.' The nature of my life has not changed, but I feel like my power and my mindset has increased to be able to handle motherhood. My power to do so has changed.

Taylor H


When I was signing up for the program, well I almost didn't.  I kind of started 'shoulding' on myself, like, 'Well, you know, I shouldn't need this. I should be able to figure it out on my own'...It was hard to commit and to say, 'I deserve this. I want better. My family deserves better. I'm going to do it.'

Tiffany W

I've read all the books. I listen to lots of podcasts. Nothing else has ever lead to as much growth–because the accountability was there, and the real-life application was there, along with the personalized feedback.

Shelby Q


I'm such a different person if I think about a year ago, and my husband agrees. He's just like, 'it's just amazing.'... I feel like at the end of the class, I was in the best place of my life. If people are considering it, don't be intimidated by the cost and don't be intimidated by the work.

Dorothy J


We've Got Answers

Here's the truth:


No matter how exhausted, lonely, regretful, or discouraged you feel right now…I know that you are a good mom because you wouldn't be here searching for resources if you weren't.

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But the real question is: Do you know that you are a good mom?

When you are self-assured, you know this, deep down, even on your worst days.

You trust yourself.

You like yourself.

You feel an undercurrent of fulfillment and meaning, even as you manage the mayhem of carpools, tantrums, work deadlines, health issues, and too many decisions.

You can make decisions easily because you know what is important to you.

Your life isn't perfect, and you aren't perfect, but you aren't expecting yourself to be.

I want this for you! I want you to feel at home and at peace within your motherhood, so you can bring the best of yourself to your relationships.

The Self-Assured Motherhood Program can help you do that.

In the past year alone, this program has helped over 80 women to find joy again within their motherhood, and we want to help you too.

Come join us!


What's Included:

9 month SAM curriculum (Value $1,499)

27 Live Classes (Oct '23 - June '24)

9 Small-Group Breakout Sessions

148-page Written Workbook

BONUS #1: Self-Evaluation Tool Kit (Value $99)

BONUS #2: Private Community (Value $199)

BONUS #3: Private Podcast Feed (Value $99)

BONUS #4: One year of continued access to class recordings after the program ends (Value $499)

Total Value: $2,395

Your Investment: $1199

Get Started Today for just $149 per month

Pay in Full and get one month free!

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Copy of GUARANTEE (1)

Money-Back Guarantee

If you invest the time & effort, this program will help you to make massive growth in your life.

We stand by this promise! If at the end of the nine months, you feel that your life has not been deeply blessed by this program, send us an email and show us your completed workbook (so we know you gave it a genuine try!), and we’ll refund you 100%.

Copy of GUARANTEE (1)

Money-Back Guarantee

If you invest the time & effort, this program will help you to make massive growth in your life.

We stand by this promise! If at the end of the nine months, you feel like your life has not been deeply blessed by this program, send us an email and show us your completed workbook (so we know you gave it a genuine try!), and we’ll refund you 100%.

  Scholarship Opportunities

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are important to me. I want moms from historically marginalized and under-resourced communities to know that they have a place in my community. As such, DEI scholarships are available for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ moms. Please inquire at

It is also important to me that moms with financial need have access to this life-changing program. If you have true financial need, please apply for a scholarship here.